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PSY427H1 Lecture Notes - Scale-Invariant Feature Transform

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Romin Tafarodi

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Approaching the Mass Media
will be relearning what has already been learned about media
critical distance – this is about weighing and discerning, attempt to sift out what about this is
good, what about it is bad
--> taking something that is an object/ event and relating it, not to be confused with being
--> trying to achieve a distance enough to be able to see and analyze properly
ads are objects that must be read,
there both natural and non-natural signs
texts involve arbitrary causal of meaning (check this cuz i'm unsure)
the meaning of an object is one that goes beyond the object3
an isolating utterance connected to something else of significance (in context) is what gives it
when a text is produced and it has a communicative dimension, it is sending a message
trying to take the background and making it transparent
when decoding, we prefer the dominant encoding, (we replicate in reverse fashion what was
presented to us --- umm maybe not worded well)
will be using conceptual levers in this course, not focusing on causal laws b/c when it comes to
social life, cld be argued that there arent many causal laws
interpretation has no end point, there is no limit to the amount of meaning you can endow
something with
if you wanted to promote insight, everything that went into the strategy to gain the object had to
be in the visual field (this is in the chimp exp)
--> humans are different b/c they have abstract thought, we have lang
geography and distance was always related to how we communicate
--> mediation through the body was clearly tied to distance
--> distance is the (or one of the) limiting factors of communication
we become extended through mediation
what we are representing goes well beyond what is in our locality
--> only a fraction of things you know/are concerned with actually reside in your locality
those things that are remote can only be brought to us through representation
speaking to those where you dont know where they are is unique to this time period
we've evolved to believe that images don't lie
--> difficult to deny the force image presented to our visual system
throught the medium of television, voting has shifted to the person and not the platform for
which that person stands for
what makes an action and action is that it is done w/ a person, otherwise, its a behavior
in media, it is a world of intentions, actions
understanding the meaning in media takes a myotic approach, very open to interpretation.
For a text to become what it is, it needs to be understood, needs to be comprehended and
understood by some agent
causality will not be clear cut in media
to understand how a selection process in media occurs, must understand the context,
--> oscillation btw macro and micro approach
people are not passive, they actively engage and choose the media they view
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