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Lecture 2

Lecture 2 - PSY434

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Sept 19, 2011
Lecture 2 – PSY434H1
Campbell - myth is like a public dream
Dream is a private myth
Jung's archetype - potentiality to act in a certain way when faced with
(transpersonal) something that's been faced previously
EX = fact of death, need to socially belong, nourishment, our bodies
Ridiculous - proto-scientific; if you understand it as a real story, then you will
find it ridiculous AND if you think of the story as a stage for somewhere else,
you will find more meaning in it
Present is always unbearable (not that which you can't stand but interest in
something new)
B/c environment is constantly changing we need to be constantly
Fear (first freeze >> curiosity if environment does not seem deadly)
Know you are in the UNKNOWN when:
You feel fear
Don't know how to act, etc.
Anything you weren't expecting in your life
Self-deception - we can all do it
Cumulative effect
Memory is reconstructive from current mental-state (like throwing flesh
on dinosaur bones)
EX = within pain (bear story), self-deception is the internal biological
analgesic system which is only short-term (can only work short-term
and not long term
Once people can handle self-deception, it has the potential to grow
What we do tells us stuff about ourselves and what we value at the moment
Happiness vs. joy/fulfillment
The more time you invest into a life pattern, the less chance you will say "I
should've" 20 years later (less self-deception will limit this from happening)
Emotional/physical pain affects the body similarly
Addiction/ self-deception used to escape pain
Story about a story
Sept 19, 2011
Child = role reversal
Adult makes a lot of excuses
Lack of ability to take responsibility
Utterances are a gesture >> What are we gesturing with saying something?
"funny then, not funny now" - lack of moral development (inconvenient for
him because now he's a cop)
Fight sounds like 2 children (breakdown of responsibility)
Adult is supposed to have responsibility over child
Theme of repetition built up = pretending the world is the same (reacting
to the situation similarly)
He doesn't want ex-wife to know he's being a bad father
Wants life to go back to "normal" so he can feel at ease with himself
His motivation is to not lose his job
Daughter leaving - "How does this make me [Wade] look?"
He's protecting the story he has about himself and others are violating
Anger = others are standing in the way of something he wants
Wants to be respected in the community but is at a low pecking order
His small lies indicate that telling the truth would disturb reality
On the way of trying to protect your story
Hunting Scene
Does guy want to hunt? NO, but he wants to be the type of person who
kills deer
Frozen personality = stuck personality
Relates back to repetition theme
PTSD - intruding images/voices inside head
"I really love you Daddy." >> feels guilty about love
Untapped potentiality - grow into bitterness and resentment
True personality development comes from hearing your internal voice
>> What do I really want to do?
Self-deception + addiction + cruelty = intergeneration problem
Wade probably grew up with a father like himself
Gordon is the progress manager of the town; he assigns jobs to everyone
Jack's his best friend? = not actually; Wade wants to feel like a part of the
His gait >> social hierarchy (feels very low on the pecking order) so
slumps over when he walks
Wade believes the world is hostile so he believes Jack is hostile and unjust
things happen (ie. Hunting accident)
Hunting scene is a meta-metaphor of what happens in life
Wade has hard time understanding other's state of mind
Sept 19, 2011
EX = coming to file a traffic violation on the day the woman's dad dies
Public humiliation
People who humiliate others on a normal basis are always worried
about themselves (ie. Gordon)
Depressed people - the more "I" and "my" words they use shows how
their frame of reference has shrunken to just them
Marge (Wade's girlfriend) doesn't think bad things like murder could happen
Many implications of change (w/o voluntary)
Jack = ballplayer but now permanently bitter
Father vs. Mother
Father mocks mother for being good but she's actually submissive
(self-deceptive also)
Believes she's good for being in a relationship but actually bad for children
and herself
Victim vs. survivor >> use of word has changed
Victim has no control over events