Lecture 2 - PSY434

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27 Sep 2011

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Sept 19, 2011
Lecture 2 – PSY434H1
Campbell - myth is like a public dream
Dream is a private myth
Jung's archetype - potentiality to act in a certain way when faced with
(transpersonal) something that's been faced previously
EX = fact of death, need to socially belong, nourishment, our bodies
Ridiculous - proto-scientific; if you understand it as a real story, then you will
find it ridiculous AND if you think of the story as a stage for somewhere else,
you will find more meaning in it
Present is always unbearable (not that which you can't stand but interest in
something new)
B/c environment is constantly changing we need to be constantly
Fear (first freeze >> curiosity if environment does not seem deadly)
Know you are in the UNKNOWN when:
You feel fear
Don't know how to act, etc.
Anything you weren't expecting in your life
Self-deception - we can all do it
Cumulative effect
Memory is reconstructive from current mental-state (like throwing flesh
on dinosaur bones)
EX = within pain (bear story), self-deception is the internal biological
analgesic system which is only short-term (can only work short-term
and not long term
Once people can handle self-deception, it has the potential to grow
What we do tells us stuff about ourselves and what we value at the moment
Happiness vs. joy/fulfillment
The more time you invest into a life pattern, the less chance you will say "I
should've" 20 years later (less self-deception will limit this from happening)
Emotional/physical pain affects the body similarly
Addiction/ self-deception used to escape pain
Story about a story
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