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Lecture 7

Lecture 7

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Dan Dolderman

PSY100 Lecture June 9, 2011 ABNORMAL PSYCHOLOGY Brand New Ancient Wisdom: you have more control than you think The brain structurally becomes thicker in order to accommodate learning in respective areas Affective neuroscience: changing the way that your brain works Richard Davidson: Studied how the brains meditation practitioners functioned through EEG Left to right PFC activation was heavily neurologically happy (<0.4) in practitioner of 30 years The brain is highly capable of being rewired Ex: free-diving people structurally change their physiology days ahead in order to pack more and more oxygen into body through meditation Our normal patterns of thinking Evaluate; people can make intuitive judgments quickly How efficiently can our minds work? Ex: if you let a student watch a short, soundless clip of a professor lecturing, they will be able to predict the kind of professor they are Discrepancy based ; comparison of ourselves and others to standards of comparison closing the gap between two situations Focused on past or future: you can live in the past and the future, in a sense Abstract world that you created in your mind Ex: thinking about the person you went on a date with consider the way the date went and then anticipate future Problem-solving Thinking Mind is a churning mass of activity Yoga- it is difficult to maintain a still mind Normal patterns of thinking are relentless and incessant Jon Kabat-Zinn Sought to frame and market meditation as a stress-reduction program Mindfulness Practice Must be openly receptive to whatever is going on at that moment in time Focused awareness on the present Non-reactive, non-evaluative Nothing is done with thoughts that come up, they are merely observed passively Dont do anything about it accepting thoughts Active practice of acceptance
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