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Lecture 6

Lecture 6 Notes

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Matthias Niemeier

PSYB64 – Lecture 6 Sexual Behaviour ➢ Sexual Development  22 chromosomes...and the 23 pair is the one that's different  The differentiation into the exterior genitals doesnt happen between week 6 or 8 (there;s no difference in the developing fetus)  Testes will cause secretion of hormones which will generate a male. The secretion of this causes a developmental change around week 8. If this hormone is absent, then we have a female  Sexual Chromosomal Abnormalities  Turner Syndrome (XO) • Normal female genitalia but ovaries are abnormal. They can't reproduce • Normal intelligence • Deficits in spatial relationships and memory (hard to see 3-d) • Behaviour deficits  Klienfelter (XXY) • 3 chromosomes • Male with reduced fertility • Normal intelligence • Social awkwardness, delayed or reduced verbal skills • Require hormone treatment at puberty to inherit secondary sex characteristics and inhibit female characteristics • Occurs in 1 out of 500-1000 male births  XYY • subtle behavioural and physical correlates • Been associated with anti-social behaviour but the data is variable; not consistent •  VIDEO: Do social influences have an affect? (Not just chromosomes)  couldn't hear the video lol  Parents behave differently toward different genders  But most likely, it probably doesn't matter (biology is probably more important)  There's a strong biological component but social factors do contribute  Not responsible for 294-300  Obesity has become implicated in sex changes that occur at puberty for females  150 yrs ago, girls reached puberty at a later age than now (could be due to food additives, obesity, pesticides)  Synthesis of Human Sex hormone  estrogen & testosterone are derived from cholesterol  one of the good things about cholestrol: used to form sex hormones  Auromatization: converts testosterone to estrodiol  How does this involve the brain?  Hypothalamus and pituitary gland (located in the brain)  Hypothalamus is responsible for releasing GnRH, sending a signal to pituatary gland, the anterior pg sends messages which causes the release of LH and Fsh (involved in producing testes, causing sperm to mature properly, and helps females with menstrual cycle)  So brain plays a major role at a very early stage  VIDEO: Fruit flies & senses • Differences in senses in
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