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Michael Inzlicht

Lecture One Introduction - Martin Luther King Jr. o His dream that people of all colors would be judged as equals o 1960’s o Explicit attitudes have changed today – people don’t say they hate certain people, but they may feel it o Still have not reached MLK dream fully  Khmer Rouge in Cambodia  Discriminated again other Cambodians based on ideological beliefs – if you wore glasses, were a different class etc. you were discriminated against  Mass killings of 2 million people  Rwandan Genocide  Civil war in Rwanda  100 days – 1 million killed  Victims were largely a people of the Tutsi tribe; Hutu were the perpetrators  Very little differentiates the Hutu and Tutsi – still had division, Hutu perceived Tutsi as being favored etc. and were targets of extermination  Indonesian Riots  Burn cars, kill people etc.  Targets were the Chinese people  Houston mosque  Community members warning the place will become a terrorist hotbed and one man threatening to hold pig races just to offend Muslims  Some neighbors concerned about traffic, drainage etc.  Hate website made – anti-Muslim o We are closer to achieving MLK dream  Barack Obama is the pres
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