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University of Toronto St. George
Connie Boudens

InstructorConnie Boudens Email connnieboudensutorontoca TA Ian Miller imillerutorontocaSarah McGee Ng smcgeengutscutorontoca Class time Wed 25pm AC223thLecture 1WK1Jan 9 2013Common ways of thinking about personalitygood personality or having a lot of personality Global qualitymeans theyre fun nice easy to get along with etcOften contrasted with attractivenesspeople who have a good personality usually unattractiveEnergy or livelinessPerson has personalityor a lot of personalityExtraverted energeticPig Personality Test Scientific Study of Personality Personalityis not globalMore complex than common ways More nuances than dichotomous categories There are more and better validated empirically personality tests than Draw a Pig Personality TestIn the scientific study of psychology the measures that are used are better validated empirically and assess specific aspects of personality accuratelyPersonality Defined An organized and relatively enduring set of psychological traits and mechanisms that influences a persons interactions with and adaptations to the environmentORGANIZEDtraits work in relation to each other so they work togethero Traits are organized in such a way that they work together as one unitRELATIVELY ENDURINGsame over time and across diff situationsTRAITS AND MECHANISMS Ex of traits Friendly helpful intelligent outgoing etc o mechanisms how a person interacts with the environment impact of certain things that create a certain effect INTERACTIONS AND ADAPTATIONS TO ENVIRONMENTonly obvious when interacting wenvironment the pressures of the environment
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