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University of Toronto St. George
Michael Inzlicht

th WK2 –Lec#1 – January 15 , 2013 The Nature and Uses of Psychological Testing TODAY’s Topics: ● Types of tests ● Application ● Factors that can affect the soundness of testing Consequences of Testing: How can testing affect your life School tests ● Learning disability ● Giftedness ● Vocational interest Post-graduation ● Job entry ● Driver’s license ● Security clearance ● Marital Compatibility ● Developmental Disability ● Brain Dysfunction Def’n of a Test: A test is a standardized procedure for sampling behaviour and describing it with categories or scores ● Standardized procedure ○ Standardized instructions to develop rapport, very particular ○ Given to a large number of ppl the same way ○ Needs a manual: ex. Administration and Training for WAIS ○ Test familiarity, physical environment, extra materials no incl. (stop watch) ● Behaviour sample: should test them (participants) over time, more than once ● Scores or categories: measurement error is inherent in the test, the results are an approximation ○ Always some degree of error ○ Norms and standards -> comparisons to manual data ○ Prediction of non-test behaviour ■ Predicting outside of test ■ Marital -> how the marriage is or will be ■ IQ – life/success Apgar Test Test for Newborns, on a scale of 0-2 ● Tests heart rate, crying/respiration, flexibility, colour(oxygenation) – not always accurate on non-white babies Examples of Predicting Non-test Behaviour ● The independent living scales ○ Dementia/Alzheimer’s: deciding if these patients can live independently ○ An IQ test is involved ○ Test living ability: memory, health and safety, money management ● The Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory (MMPI) ○ “I like mechanics magazines” ○ True-> point on the scale for schizophrenia ○ May not seem like it, but it does test for psychopathology Further Distinctions in Testing Norm vs. Criterion Reference Tests ● Criterion- reference test: objective, is where examinee stands with respect to strictly defined objectives (ex. 2-digit arithmetic prob
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