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Intro to Psychology (PSYA01) Lecture 1.1 – There’s No Soul in Psychology  To follow something scientifically, an assumption has to be made that the behavior of that said thing conforms to natural laws.  “Souls” are a spiritual entity, which means they DO NOT conform to natural laws.  Therefore trying to interpret them with a scientific process is pure foolishness  If human behavior was not partially, if not totally determined by natural laws, then it should be possible to study it scientifically  Psychology is a very complex science, therefore you make progress at a slower rate, Psych is also very young 1850-1900, less than 150 years old  Animism- suggesting that something has a soul (i.e. rocks)  Rene Descartes believes animals have no souls, they are just machines  He believes animals don’t feel pain, they just react to the situations  Rene believes humans are machines, however we are ultimately controlled by a soul, which means humans are responsible for their actions  Rene Descartes believes humans have a dualistic nature (part material, part spiritual)  John Locke believes ALL body is a machine (body + mind) is materialism  John Locke believes “humans are born at a blank slate”, ultimately experiences determine who/what you are going to be  Materialism – we don’t hav
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