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Week 9 – Chapter 11: The Family Socialization: process by which parents and others ensure that a child’s standard behaviour, attitudes, skills and motives conform closely to those deemed appropriate to her role in society  enable child to regulate own behaviour + choose socially responsible alternatives The Ecological Systems Perspective: - Interdependency explains why functioning of the family system is not always smooth - Families tend to attain equilibrium + have boundaries that vary how vulnerable they are to outside influences 2 Dimensions of Parental Behaviour 1. Emotionality - Crucial in socialization process! - Warmth and nurturance parents  children more likely to accept and internalize parental standards 2. Control - 2 types of control: 1) Behavioural (setting reasonable rules), 2) psychological (emotional- directed tactics, ex, shame, guilt etc.)  lower self-esteem, higher anxiety 4 Types of
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