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Lecture 4

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John Bassili

Notes lecture 4 - the issue of whether you can teach chimps any type of language - chimps like washo was not language it was more likely immatation/tricks - when men engage in a rhyming task the bulk of the activity occurs in the left hemisphere - language is situated primarily on the left side of the brain -women have some activity on the right of the brain as well (contraversial finding) - FMRI (Functional Magnetic resonance imaging): functional aspect over time of what area of the brain if being used - what happens with FMRI when we use areas of our brains, there is a deplition of the oxygen in the blood that needs to irrigate this area of the brain - when this deoxygination occurs the brain sends a signal that it needs oxyginated blood so this blood is sent to the brain and usually it sends more oxyginated blood than is needed in the area - by using the magnetic properties of oxyginated and deoxyginated blood the scanner can pick up increased activity in that area of the brain - what an FMRI relies on is BOLD = Blood Oxygination Level Dependance - FMRI isn't the only scanning technology - FMRI is good for finding spatial resolution but not with temporal resolution - Wernicke's Area : it recognizes the sequences of sounds and the meaning of the sounds and does a fair bit of interpretation of the phonemes - Broca's area: where the plan to produce speech is made, where the person starts
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