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Lecture 5

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John Bassili

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Lecture 5 notes - Autism is characterized by a number of presented behaviours -Deviant social development -Delayeed and unusual language development -Repetitive and ritualistic behaviour - The rate of children being born with autism is increasing - Many have assummed that the cause of autisim has to do with certain vaccinations (but the doctor who came up with this theory has recently been found out to be a fraud.. eg he was being paid by lawyers who were sueing the vaccine companies) - There is no test you can give to diagnose autism, the doctor looks for signs or characteristics that resemble autistic behaviour - often the diagnosis of autism is found later on, after a few years of the child's life - autism often causes problems with language - The specific symptoms of autism vary a lot and the impairment is often difficult to diagnose - autism is a lifelong condition - the causes of autism are not well understood - There are thearpies for autism however called ABA: applied behaviour analysis, it involves the analysis of what kind situations set off autistic behaviours; then designing environments and experiences in the class that minimizes this - Also IBI: Intensive behavioural intervention, where a therapist spend
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