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Lecture 6

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University of Toronto St. George
John Bassili

Lecture 6 Notes - Is intelligence one skill or many skills? - Should athletic ability be considered one skill or many different skills? - Is intelligence a single thing? “this person bright, this person is dumb” o Not always the case someone may be bright at some things but not others - Autistics are people appear very challenged in some mental areas but have certain abilities that exceed what normal people are expected to be able to do - Autistic savant syndrome – used to be called “idiot savant syndrome” from the French word idiot savant – idiot (idiot), savant (knowledgeable) thus the paradox o Only 50 known cases in the world o Ppl who are fairly severely autistic o They have calendar calculation (the savant is given a date whenever in history and they can tell you what day of the week this date was on) o Often are able to perform amazing feats of memory (ex. Every postal code in Canada) o They have great musical ability… sometimes they can learn complex musical pieces o They often will learn and master many langu
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