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Lecture 13

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John Bassili

Lecture 13 notes Do men and Women Differ in Sex Drive - Sex Drive: strength of sexual motivation (intensity +frequency) - Baumeister reviewed a large number of indicators of sex drive. In each case, the indicator was evaluated to see what it suggested about the strength of the sex drive in men and women. - Sexual Fantasies – Premise: stronger sex drive = think about sex more o A study in 1994 = 50% men reported thinking about sex everyday; 20% women - Desired Number of Sex Partners o Premise: stronger sex drive = desire for more partners o Next 2 years – Men = 8; Women = 1 o Rest of life – Men = 64; Women = 3 o Infidelity is also much higher for men than women - Masturbation o Premise: stronger sex drive = more masturbation o At least once a week – Men = 45%; Women = 15% o Masturbation is unencumbered by social pressure thus the explanation for the difference o People are more likely to report masturbating because it is more socially acceptable - Seeking Sex o Premise: stronger sex drive = initiating sexual activity o Men are 3x more likely to initiate sex during the first year of marriage - Prevalence of Low Sexual Desire o Premise: stronger sexual drive = high sexual desire o Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder (HSDD): constantly low or absent desire for sexual activity or sexual fantasies o Woman make up 81% of diagnosed cases of low sexual desire, men 19% - Self-Rated Sex Drive o Premise: stronger sex drive = higher rating o Men tend to rate their sexual desire higher than women Conclusion – Baumeister suggests that there is a systematic difference in sexual drives between men and women and that the gap is not closing. However this does not mean that women do not enjoy sex. - Androgens (eg. Testosterone) is crucial in the sex drive. - Males produce a lot more than women. - People who are treated with testosterone show an increase in the participants’ sexual drive - Evoluion: o The consequences of sexual activity are much greater for women than for men o It makes more evolutionary sense for women to be more selective of their mates and to be less promiscuous than men o Men “If I want my genes to survive I’ll just impregnate as many women as possible” Happiness – what makes us happy? - A lot of things, but n
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