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Lecture 4

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Mark A.Schmuckler

PSYB20 Week4 Announcement: First Exam is on: October 13 S5 - visual fixation: known as by far the most employed technique, one can look at something without really attending to it -cardiac decleration: place electrodes on infants back and measure how many time the infants heat beats, show stimulus, and measure, change stimulus and look for change, infant heartbeat decrease in the novelty of the stimulus , not as direct a link, advantage: much more objective , not as accurate -non-nutritive sucking: take pacifier and put it in kids mouth and has sensor in it , and measure the pressure at which the infant sucks S6 -if they do make the same response then they are generalizing S7 -measure difference in infants attention - asks the question can the infant integrate auditory and visual stimuli together , they will prefer to look at the visual information that matches the auditory -violation of expectation: S8 Visual acuity=how well infant can see, includes complexity , research on visual acuity is based on the preferential looking -is tested by square wave grating =alternative black and white shades, and the contrast that with a grey field and they will look at eh square wave , and keep narrowing space until they can no longer discriminate -initially visual acuity is terrible, but between then and 6 months their ability to discriminate is near adult levels S9 - object perception: seeing things as whole instead of separate -when the child is around 4-5 months of age they can reach out
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