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PSY345 (1) May 7 , 2013 Introduction Exception, Outstanding – positive connotations Exception from general rule Both tails of distribution (positive / negative) People who are good at something (motor) vs. People who can’t walk at all Focus is on the lower end (Can’t think well, can’t learn well) “Gifted” Social Isolation  European History –murdering kids with disabilities, confinement  Individuals with leprosy must be put into cages  This kind of treatment prevalent everywhere not just Europe  Why so harsh? Highly contagious disease – (people thought this)  No understanding in medicine  Trying to protect themselves  What about Down’s syndrome?  People couldn’t distinguish – out of fear  Punishment from God →deformity in child is a visible disease – family sinned Advances – Industrial Revolution  More educated place  More awareness  Not right to murder people  Beginning of a new understanding  People with disabilities couldn’t live (survive) with these changes – moved to the streets  Left to their own devices → humanitarian reforms  Open up a house with people  Tangible changes  Beginning of legal forms  Take responsibility of such people  “these people are humans and we should take care of them”  Still exclusion  Resulted in institutionalization  Isolated and kept away  Justification – at least they are not on the streets anymore and they are being cared for  Gradually governments taking responsibility  Flipside – they were far away from home (home for Christmas and summer?)  No intention of integrating them  Institutions were not forgiving or perfect (many instances of abuses and fights)  No outside supervision – very problematic Social Inclusion  Priority  Racism  Segregation  Women excluded  Colored people  Powerful demonstration  Brought about a social c
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