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Chapter 9: Regulation and Motivation; Self-Determination Theory Why Motivation?  We want to know what drives people, and how people differ in motivator.  Psychodynamic theories are essentially motivational Humanistic Tradition in Psych  Reactions to reductionism of behaviour and pessimism of psychodynamics  The person is seen as a system; how it works together in order to make decisions. Fundamental Psychological Needs  Relatedness  Competence: Feeling you can reliably produce desired outcomes and or avoid negative ones. You need to understand the relationship between behaviour and its consequences. o Ex) if they quit smoking, they need assurance that they’re going to have better health. o They need to be able to attain this goal. Ex) Nicotine patches  Autonomy: Feeling that one is acting in accord with sense of self and causal agent with respect to actions. You have to ability to affect certain outcomes. o Sense of choosing, not feeling compelled or controlled. o Central issue is the experience of freedom from pressure, regardless of who is imposing the pressure. Intrinsic Identified Introjected External Amotivation Motivation Regulation Regulation Regulation Do activities for It is one way Do something to Do something for You don’t believe the internal which you’ve feel good about the recognition you can do the pleasure you chosen to yourself in activity receive when become stronger general doing the activity. and develop yourself. Playing soccer Lifting weights Exercise to look Dress nicely so I feel like I can’t because you feel because it better, be
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