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Lecture 8


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Dwayne Pare

PSYC12: LECTURE 8: STEREOTYPE THREAT 2 Stereotype Threat and Performance  Group differences are real o There are differences between men and women in achievements in math and etc.  Environment and genetics can contribute, but something in the environment most likely makes the participant nervous and causes them to impair their performance What about other stereotypes?  Stereotypes about women in math, science and engineering Inzlicht & Ben-Zeev  Pressure is not real, it’s all in the woman’s head  Worried about how she’s going to perceived along stereotypical lines  Bad way to learn if head is done o Represents the fact that she will not be listening to the prof and paying attention  Prospect of being outnumbered leads to stereotype threat  When a woman is alone, she thinks of what makes her unique from the crowd she’s in – I’m a woman and there are stereotypes of women being bad in math, others are probably thinking this so I need to prove them wrong  Must be aware of the existence of the stereotype  Makes you think of what makes you a minority and will it affect performance in stereotype-relevant situation (stereotype domains) Results:  Equalized past performance  Women outnumbered do worse than women in same environment  Test is the exact same, only difference is who’s sitting around them  Males aren’t affected by being a minority, still perform at the same level  Not all minority groups are bad  You are only affected if you’re a minority in a stereotypical minority situation  When outnumbered, more likely to think about gender identity  More men added, worse women do in math Slide 9  Don’t have to be directly reminded of the stereotype threat  Can be done in subtle ways  See a poster on the way or pictures of the leaders happen to be all male Friend is srilankan, phd in history, only south asian person in his department, will he underperform?  Should not evoke stereotype threat because he may be minority, but there is no existing stereotype that srilankans don’t know history or suck at teaching it Stone et al  Whites less gifted than blacks naturally in athletic ability  Told this task measures natural ability vs do this golf task  No statistical difference between blacks and white when not told about natural ability  When told performance shows natural ability, blacks make more errors Yeung & von Hippel  Used a real driving simulator like a car  Shown a tv screen where driving is simulated but very realistic  Measured how fast it was done and how well they did it  3 pedestrians popped up and do the participants kill them? o Women reminded of stereotype about them being poorer drivers than men o Women reminded of stereotype explicitly, 60% of the time hit pedestrians o Not reminded, only hit them 20% of the time  Stereotypes can affect people in real life Gay men  Stereotype : gay people have pedophilic tendencies  Can’t trust gay men to be around young children, especially boys  Brought college males identified themselves as gay or straight and had them interact with young children o Stereotype primed in their minds o Looked at nonverbal that existed between the men and children  Stereotype activated gay men – weren’t natural, more reserved, not fluent speech o May be a result of anxiety Poor  To what extent can differences between stereotypes of rich and poor be attributed to stereotype threat  Asked how much education parents had and how much their income is  Answered questions before(reminded of poverty) or after test o Affects performance on IQ if reminded of poverty before taking test Females  Women are not good negotiators relative to men is a stereotype  When stereotypes activated, do worse in negotiating task  Not affected when stereotypes aren’t activated  Men aren’t directly saying it to the women  Minority women in environment alone are worried about stereotypes that exist in their head o Leading to poor performance Which of the following groups is probably not a target of stereotype threat?  Women in math  Whites in sport  Men in driving ability – answer  Elderly in memory performance  Whites in prejudiced behavior o When whites take IAT and told that it measures white’s prejudice before taking test and they do poorly How do stereotypes threaten?  When motivated to deny a stereotype of you, you will keep thinking about it and end up doing bad  Working memory can hold limited number of items 7+-2  Homunculus in brain allows one to pay attention to this moment and doing something to maintain it o Most affected by stereotype threat Schmader & Johns  Instead of focusing on a math test, you’re thinking about other things about how your behavior may enhance or inhibit confirming a negative stereotype so you pay less attention on answering the math question on a test o Forget how you do thing
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