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Lecture 5


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Dwayne Pare

PSYC12 LECTURE 5: Psychology of Prejudice  Shoot everyone in the game who has a gun and not anyone else  The pattern of mistakes is not random  People tend to shoot innocent black people more rapidly than villainous white people o Shooter bias Correl et al  If I have a stereotype in my head, that’s what I see in the real world  Confirmation bias: I see world as I am, not as what it really is  Generalize from group to member o We stereotype all black people have guns so when we see a black person we associate a gun with them  Got police officers to play a video game, where they have to shoot people with guns and not people with cellphones, other things  Armed targets are generating fewer errors than unarmed targets o People tend to shoot more o Unarmed ambiguous o When unarmed target is black versus white, people make more errors o Make less errors shooting black people with guns than white people with guns o Shooting more innocent black men, sparing more villainous white men o People are generally shooting black people and when they are unarmed, they’re making more errors then when they are armed  These decisions have real life consequences o Speed effects – make more mistakes for unarmed black men (faster) than white men o Task measures bias Prejudiced Personality What lead to the holocaust?  Obedience to authority  Easy to mobilize large groups of people  Group think  Dehumanization  Conforming Are there such things as a prejudiced personality?  Are people just blindly following a leader or is there really prejudice within them?  5 dimensions that lie all human behavior – starting blocks of personality  Some of them can contribute to prejudice, but not all the time  Openmindedness versus closedmindedness  Neurotic may be uncomfortable with other groups Why did this happen in nazi, germany? Was there something specific about german people that lead them to be this way?  At first the answer was No Authoritarianism  Believe in authority and believe in adhering to rules  People who don’t should be punished  It’s not a coincidence that this happened in germany, this is why this happened in germany  Later realized, any one of us can be a follower of hitler if we were in the same context Opportunity bigots – dislike everyone not part of their ingroup  According to authoritarianism, germans should have disliked everyone not part of their ingroup, but instead only disliked jews  Predicts conservative thinking and prejudice behavior Social Dominance Orientation  Belief system about the way world is and the way world ought to be  Some people believe world is a hierarchy and there’s those who are hard workers and should be moving up, while those who are lazy, should be punished  If you are educated, make lots of money and have a good house, you deserve a good spot, world if unfair, so it’s natural for people who are lower to be lower o Seen in animal kingdom, so ideology is maintained in humans  At the top of the hierarchy because I worked hard and did all the right things o Not because of luck or because of the skin of my colour o Police officers are higher in social dominance status than public defenders Prato and Shih  People high in social dominance orientation show greater explicit bias and show implicit bias  Divided people based on belief systems  Participants presented with words prime “us or them” and right afterwards shown another unrelated word and have to indicate whether “good” or “bad”  Measured speed of indicating good or bad  Extent you associate “us” with positive words, you’ll be quicker to pick positive words o Inhibition to respond to a negative world – slower  Difference shows how we feel about us versus them Results  Those low in social dominance responded quickly when “us” associated with “good” than when “us” associated with “bad” o Like their ingroup – not a bad thing  D
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