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Michael Inzlicht

PSYC12 Psychology of PrejudiceLecture 5 Prejudiced PersonalityClass overviewMeasuring Modern Prejudice contPrejudiced Personality o Authoritarianism o Social Dominance Orientation o Need for StructureNeed for ClosureMotivation to Control PrejudicePrejudiced PersonalityPrejudiced personalityHow can we explain how a nation of people facilitated a Holocaust o Like Hitler Good leader blind followers Authority fear and relates to the figureIs there such a thing as a prejudiced personality o Are certain personality types more prejudice than others YesAuthoritarianismAdornoo Submissive to authority strict adherence to social norms rigid thinkerso Freudian Approach Strict disciplinarian parents project deviant impulses to outgroupBad thinking of out groups and submissive to authorityAltemeyer o Submissive to authority aggression towards outgroups conventional thinking o Politically conservative equal opportunity bigots dislike everyone not in their groupIt is unlikely all nations had the same personality that made them target the out groups eg Nazi and JewishSocial Dominance Orientation SDOPhilosophical ideology and not personality o SDO is a belief system about how the world is and should bePreference for inequality among social groups o Some people believe the world is unequal and is that way And lazy people do not deserve things and hard workers doHigher status groups tend to be high in SDO o Because they see themselves as having the best education better job therefore they have legitimate reason to feel the best and dominate SDO provides legitimizing myth o Mythodology of why people are where they areo Its because I worked hard and I deserve it Who is high and low in SDO o Occupational status Police high SDO vs Public Defender low SDO o Group status Men vs Women
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