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Lecture 6

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Mathias Niemier

1 Lecture 6 notes3 cones Largered Medium green Short blue Eye movements six muscles are attached to each eye and are arranged in three pairs Inferiorsuperiorlateralmedial rectusInferiorsuperior obliqueRectus muscle runs straightInferior rectus bottomSuperior rectus top Boney hook trochleaAs soon as you rotate your head more than 5degrees your eyes counter rotate For each dimension of rotation you would need 2 muscles Superior colliculus Structure in midbrain that plays important role in initiating and guiding eye movementsWhen stimulated with electrical signals eye movements can be observedFrontal eye field is the most important eye field in the cerebral cortex Eye movements Saccade Rapid movement of eyes that change fixation from one object or location to anotherVergence eye movements convergence and diversion movements Type of eye movement in which two eyes move in opposite directions done deliberately Fixational eye movements microsaccades tiny versions of the saccades it refreshes the eyethe eye never stays stable it slides a bit Saccadic suppression of vision incl motion Reduction of visual sensitivity that occurs when one makes a saccadic eye movement eliminates smear from retinal image motion during an eye movement Compensation theory Perceptual system receives information about the eye movement and discounts changes in retinal image that result from it propositionMotor system sends motor command to eye musclesA copy of that command efference copy or colorily discharge goes to an area of visual system that has been dubbed comparator efference is anything that comes out of the brain Ex we cant tickle ourselves only othersStereopsis is the impression of depth that is perceived when a scene is viewed with both eyes by someone with normal binocular vision
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