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Mark Schmuckler

Socialization – The Family  Humans are the only species that have families, though many other species have group living arrangements  Five functions necessary for the survival of society o Reproduction o Economic services o Societal order o socialization o emotional support  Before, in pre-industrial time, children were used as labour, and the family unit was for economic support  Bidirectional effects  parents and kids influence each other o Infant plays some role in the structure of the family, but as they get older, they have more of a role in structuring the nature of the relationships  Community and friends are buffers against family stress o Formal organization o Informal organization  Social ties’ effectiveness as buffers against family stress  Provide parents with interpersonal acceptance  Provide opportunities to exchange information, goods, and services  Provide child-rearing controls and/or models  Provide secondary adult influences  Socialization o Parent-child interactions along 3 dimensions  Warmth  If one parent is high in warmth and one is low in warmth and then a sibling is low in warmth  Control  External communication between parent and child  Open communication: but not constant nego
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