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Lecture 4


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University of Toronto St. George
Dan Dolderman

Bottom up processing starting with details and guring out the general ideasTop down processing starting with general ideas and lling in the details later onThe Mind is what the Brain Doesperceptual experiences of patients with neurological damage demonstrate how closely our worlds are linked to the brainThe Split Braineach hemisphere of the brainmini brain connected by a bundle of bers corpus callosum braincollection of subsystems consciousness is what emerges from this interconnected communication between systems of the brainback of brain stembasic survival functionssubcortical regions hypocampus hypothalamus etc more advanced functions like emotional processing memory functions object recognitionouter cortices even more advanced functionstemporal lobe auditory functionsbrain is a collection of brainssplit brain studies examine what happens when the left hemisphere is detached from the right hemisphere through the corpus callosum the two hemispheres interact rapidly acting as if they are one brainonce the corpus callosum is severed the two hemispheres cant communicate seizures reduced in epileptic patients however function is impairedexperimentsexperiment done on somebody with severed corpus callosumword shown left eye sees the word only therefore the right brain is seeing the word asked to reach behind the screen to pick up the object corresponding to the word ballwhen asked what he saw he said he saw nothing right eye sees no word working with the left side of the brain which controls language therefore he says he sees no word despite haven seen the word with his left eye two sides of the brain cant function togetherleft hemisphere logic linear thinking language works with right side of the bodyright hemisphere emotion spatial processing music cant talk works with left side of the bodythere is an interdependence between cognition and emotionfeelings are rationalized by our left brain put into wordseven though function requires interconnectedness of different areas there is still
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