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History and Methods Lecture notes

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University of Toronto St. George
Dan Dolderman

History and MethodsSeptember23101115 AMAudio RecAudio recording started 1116 AM September2310Want to buy my brand of beerStrategy 1here are the 48 reasons why my beer is the best blah blah blahStrategy 2 aim a target audience with what they like with no explanation as if humans have no brainsIn order to have a science that can help us do this one must be able to define measure predict and control the mysterious functioning of the mindTake intangible things of the mind and make them concreteThe science of psych has come a very long way over the past few thousand yearsEg For most of human history debate raged as to where consciousness residedHeart Mind Brain SpiritsWe have accepted that the mind is the brainThe mind is what the brain doesThe brain is not just an enclosed system cause it works externally mediated through the body Without the connection you dont have a mindNew Section 1 Page 1 Human exceptionalism Belief that humans are fundamentally different from the rest of the worldIf its true studying animals defeats the purpose of learning about humansInferences from animals Innovation pushes ideas forwards comes from integration of ideas from one place to another specialists are not so good at doing so because they dont spend enough time in reality Creativity and innovation s New Section 1 Page 2
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