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Chapter 6 lecture notes

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Dan Dolderman

Chapter 6October1210907 AMChapter 6Audio recording started 1113 AM October1210Ivan PavlovWas studying the salivary response of dogs when he noticed something interestingCould observe the process of learning through how it affected behaviourClassical conditioningUS stimulus that the animal will naturally respond to meat powderUR response salivatingCS bellCR responseHigher order conditioningA neutral stimulus can become a conditioned stimulus be being paired with an already established CS Learning to likeWe like what we have been taught to likeobjects that have been associated in the past with positive feelingsClassical conditioning in real lifeConditioning plays a big role in our emotional responses to objects people symbols events and placesJohn B WatsonPavlov influenced an American psychologist 1901 studied the white ratRealized you can understand the rat without any need for introspectionDidnt need access to the rats mind to figure out about the rat1913 wrote about Behaviourism in Psych Review Psychology as the Behaviourist Views ItPsychology as the behaviourist views it is a purely objective natural science Its theoretical goal is the prediction and control of behaviour Introspection forms no essential part of its methodsThe behaviourist in his attempts to get a unitary scheme of animal response recognizes no dividing line between man and brute The behaviour of man with all of its refinement and complexity forms only a part of the behaviourists total scheme of investigationNote objective prediction and control animal researchWatson and the Rise of BehaviourismThought that the conditioned reflex was a model that would account for a wide variety of phenomena New Section 1 Page 1 Thought that the conditioned reflex was a model that would account for a wide variety of phenomenaEven emotions New Section 1 Page 2
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