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Motivation lecture notes

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Dan Dolderman

Motivation November30101115 AMOne of the best developed literatures in psych has to do with how people motivate themselves and are motivated by others with the roles that motivational structures like goals play in determining our behaviours thoughts emotions healthAnd despite the early dominance of behaviourist approaches psychologists now recognize the intimate role that top down processesplay in determining how our motivational systems functionsremember kid its not whether you win or lose But how much they pay you for the game Old man story overjustification effect 1973 markersgood player awardThe continuum of motivation Intrinsic motivations Amotivation not selfdeterminedexternal regulationIntrojected regulation partial internalization of rewardpunishment contingent selfesteem egoinvolvementIdentifiedintegrated regulation personal valuation and importance integration with values life goals selfconcept etcIntrinsic regulation doing for the sake of doing engagement flow enjoyment growth challenge etcIntrinsic motivation selfdeterminedMore right more motivated you areThe source of ones motivationsIntrinsic vs extrinsic motivationIntrinsic the inherent tendency to seek out novelty and challengesto extend and exercise ones capacities to explore and to learn Doing for the sake of DOINGOr for the sake of MEANINGIntrinsic motivation is selfdirected and self sustaininggreater persistence and more disciplined goal pursuitIf you want high performance high creativity strong leadership a learning organization open to failure and ultimately happy employees who will take your business to the next level then you want to work with intrinsic motivationHealthy development self determination theory Eg Think back to high school Did you go to class and engage in extracurricular activities after school or did you skip class to play cards and go drinkingMore generally why do some people make it through their teenage
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