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Chapter 7 Summary Psychological Science This is a summarized version of Chapter 7 for the textbook Psychological Science. Includes import terms, concepts, theories, conclusions, and details that may be put on the midterm/exam.

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Dan Dolderman

Ch7memory Memory the capacity of the nervous system to acquire and retain usable skills and knowledge allowing organisms to benefit from experienceModal memory model3 stage memory systemSensory memory short term memory long term memorySensory memoryMemory for sensory info that is stored briefly in its original sensory formLights smells and odours that last briefly in the nervous systemVisual iconic memory audio echoic memoryShort term memoryLimited capacity memory system that holds info in awareness for a brief period of timeLasts about 20 secondsRequires repetition and rehearsalMemory span about 7 itemsMeaningful units easier to remember chunkingWorking memory an active processing system that keeps info available for current use o Central executive subsystems and longterm memory Filters stores and retrieves info o Phonological loop encodes auditory info o Visuospatial sketchpad visual infoLongterm memoryRelatively permanent storage of informationSerial position effect ability to recall items from a list depends on order of presentation w items presented early or late in the list remembered better than those in the middle o Primacy effect better memory for items presented first o Recency effect oppositeInterconnected with STM but can be dissociatedExplicit memory the processes involved when people remember specif
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