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ENG Lecture – September 27 th The Wasteland Trench poetry (war poetry) 1920 Eliot published a poem about an old man sitting alone in an empty house and asked himself “after such knowledge, what forgiveness?” (What the wasteland is trying to answer) No single view in the Wasteland, no one single voice. Each voice is reflecting and refracting the other. The Wasteland doesn’t come to life until you put your own meaning into the words. Eliot tended to write in bits and pieces as they occurred to him and then assembled them into a mound or not. If we perceive the world to be meaningful, then we will perceive the art we observe as meaningful. But if we view the world as chaotic, we will see chaos in the art we see. Wasteland inspires to be accessible and reach everyone. Eliot thought the way to write real poetry was to strive for the ‘continual extinction of feeling’. If you suppress your own emotion then your poem can become accessible to your readers. Wasteland tries to represent an inclusive human consciousness. All of the fragments in the Wasteland need something to hold them together, Eliot hoped that there might be some order between individual human expe
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