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____ are drugs that reduce pain and induce extremely intense feelings of euphoria Opiates  bind to endorphin receptors in the nervous system, reducing pain and producing pleasurable sensations Sleep spindles and K complexes. Maintaining sleep state. They are characteristic of what stages (s) of sleep? Stage 2 Hypnotist working with patient who suffers from idiopathic pain in their knees. What kind of suggestion is this? A Cognitive-perceptual suggestion (SCT) Explanation of hypnosis what would social cognitive theory predict their responses will be to hypnotic suggestions. Page 174 The Participants will be more vulnerable to hypnotic suggestions ___ occurs when repeated use of a drug results in a need for a higher dose to get the intended effect; _____refers to the need to take a drug to ward off unpleasant physical withdrawal symptoms. Tolerance; Dependence Imagine 0 sleep due to Mtuner. 110 min of rem sleep usually. How much rem sleep will you get compared to a normal night More than 110 minutes Taking away a toy from a misbehaving child is an example of? Negative punishment (takes away stimulus and (-) because it is intended to decrease the likelihood of the behavior occurring in the future) Prescription drugs. 2 ways of reducing prescription drug abuse. Promote the use of alternative prescription drugs with less addictive potential: provide communities with prescription drug disposals ______ is a Sleep disorder characterized by excessive daytime sleepiness, abnormal sleep cycles that include small bouts of sleep that transition from wakefulness immediately into REM, and cataplexy (rapid and transient loss of muscle tone). Narcolepsy Research assessment in sleep lab. Look @ separated waves. What stage of sleep does this data likely come from? It is impossible to tell – Beta waves are characteristics of both REM (paradoxical sleep) and wakefulness Alcohol makes people less inhibited (GABA) how alcohol causes this. Howevery alcohocol influences the acticitiy of GABA, (neurotramsiter known to depress tactivity in the central nervous syssHow can one explain this? Increased GABA activity from the alcohol inhibits the activity of the frontal cortex of the brain which is a part of the brain known to be involved in “inhibiting” pre-potent behavior and impulses. What is characteristic of the first half of a normal night in terms of the variations of sleep The first half of a normal night of sleep is dominated by deep, slow-wave sleep. In blind people to establish circadian rhythm when should melatonin be administered? Before the time when most people go to sleep- evening or night time. Charles slipped and fell on some ice on his driveway. To avoid slipping again, he now regularly put salt on his driveway anytime it snows what is this change in Charles behavior called? Learning is the process by which our knowledge or behavour changes based on our experiences. Charles experiences the dangers of an icy driveway and learned to take appropriate precautions in the future - pairing of bell and food has been broken as bell no longer predicts the presence of food What is a term of a person’s dislike of a particular food that arises from exposure to that food during a time of illness? Condition-taste aversion What is the term for stimulus that elicits a response without training? Unconditioned stimulus There are many categories of consciousness. May have their eyes open is known as a PVS – Persistent vegetative state. ______ is the discomfort a person feels when his or her sleep cycles are out of synchronization with light and darkness Jet lag Classical conditioning learning is achieved w
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