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Dan Dolderman

What process What key player Part 3: part of brain & what it does = 8 main brains 4 main core – what function are What key part of each – what function - Key experience Social validation – dopamine – reward & security -> trigger threaten  For people to self-aware & security -> need open -> social validation  The more people close -> the hard it is to self ware & security Much of time – our behavior – are regulate by environment people  Minor neuron -> inner world -> imagine to create our own -> reflect the world to us Will -> brain drive to disharmony in itself -> free choice The left hemisphere ( logical ) – task making sense with world – coherent with world – NOT learning new thing  The right hemisphere (artistic, creative ) – stick info in pre-existing -> then you learning new thing – have ah moment -> right hemisphere start fire to break boundary of left hemisphere -> thinking new way  Then switch back to left hemisphere to see the whole picture – make sense of it Neurons: Consciousness as an Emergent Property  Consciousness is merger of part. Neurons interact with body and connect to world – nothing is external 3 types Neurons: • Afferent (sensory ) • Efferent (Motor) • Interneuron (connect everything, add up, figure thing) – facilitate within CNS Process of Neuron: 1. Dendrites: receive info. From other neuron & transmit toward the cell body, info in the form of chemical a. Add negative charge – reduce fire b. Add positive charge – more like fire 2. Cell Body: keep the neuron alive & determines whether it will fire a. Change to certain chemical charge – neuron fire : change from negative – positive or inverse b. Neuron either fire or don’t – Not Haft = mean each fire have same magnitude c. Strong neuron – frequency hig
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