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thLecture 3 September 18 2012Morad Moazami The test on October 11 is multiple choice It will be 60 multiple choice questions and there will be ne hour and thirty five minutes to complete the examDescriptive vs Correlational StudiesDescriptive StudiesThese studies involve observing and classifying behavior For example Shriley Brice Heath in the 1970s went and stayed with 300 families over a period of time and found that middle class tended to include their children in their daily relationships more than the lowerclass families And this was reflected in the middleclasses grades in school later onFestinger and a number of different psychologists in 1956 wanted to study cognitive dissonance That means that if your attitude doesnt mash your behavior you will think two things that are hard to believe So they went and stayed with this cult called The Seekers and their leader was Marian Keech They believed that on December aliens would come down and Keech would get messages from this alien race and they believed that the world would end So the psychologists embedded themselves within this group because they were really interested in what would happen when this spaceship wouldnt come The world didnt end Flying saucers didnt come and they didnt stop believing instead Mrs Keech said that she had received a message from the aliens and that because of their faith they had saved the universe So they believed even more strongly in their religionIn psychology these kinds of studies are usually done in the first steps of research or they are part of a larger research project so these dissonance project people had this chance to go out in the real world and find cognitive dissonance in real life So these steps add to more rigorous testingCorrelational StudiesIn correlational studies we are specifically examining how variables are related to one another This is a kind of thing we do in an experiment The only difference is that in correlational studies the researcher isnt manipulating any of the variables For example there is research that has gotten a lot of media attention that links depression and cellphones to adolescence saying that cellphones and young adults are related to teens being more depressed These are
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