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Ashley Waggoner Denton

th; Test 2: March 18 Chapters 7-13 Tutorial Session March 14 , 5-6pm, LM159 Final Exam: April 12 from 2-5pm These senses at birth were not developed as they are now. Sight: limited Taste: prefer sweet ?Rooting All of them are because of survival ?Oxytocin is important in attachment, and it also happens in sex. Attachment happens very early, but critical or sensitive periods? CP: it has to be during what time SP: it is easier to pick up some behavior during sometime but not decisive. Imprinting: a phenomenon that during first critical 18 hours they attach the “mother” ?Imprinting is a idea that happen during this critical period. When scared or in need of a mother, the monkey would prefer the left mother who provides comfort. It will only go to wire mum when it needs food, so mother is someone who provide more than just food but physical comfort. Disorganized attachment: mix Some of these behaviour are innate Also an interaction between ENV & BIO Babies look at things they like longer Babies prefer something new Infantile amnesia Pl. prefer races those from their same races It is predictive in a long term. Two perspective to explain behavior: S & D SS: hard to know one’s personality. WS: it easier to know one’s personality because people are free to behave. Id and Superego are contradictive, so we have anxiety. S ask you to do the right thing, I ask you to do the wrong thing. Ego is the one that mediate S and I. DM: (1)rationalize (2)reaction formation ?UPR: although children do something wrong, parents should still love them. In this way, they will become fully functioning people. ?BNB: positive emotion is import
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