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PSY 240 Lec 2 Abnormal Behaviour • What constitutes abnormal behaviour? • DSMV has broadened definition of abnormal • Statistical criteria • Normal –Average • Abnormal: • Statistical deviation from normal • Ideally what is set out to do • Collect data on how population thinks/does • Deviations from normal are abnormal • Memory is Behaviour • Abnormal thoughts, feelings, and actions are all behaviours • Normal  Statistical average for a behaviour • Restricted to most common behaviours • Disregards behaviours that are favourable. • Deviation is standard deviation in statistics • Abnormal intelligence if IQ ≤ 75 • IQ > 125, abnormal  Ex. Of gifted intelligence • DSM V wants to include statistical normal, “be more statistical”  Fails to do this  Considers certain groups as psychopathological due to statistics despite being favourable. • DSM V and IV  if use of substance to alter mind, considered abnormal by statistical criteria • DSM includes behaviours that are unfavourable but greatly common. DSM V • Disregards Favourable behaviour • Includes non-favourable behaviours that are common Cultural Norms • What is considered normal in one environment is not normal in another. o Schizophrenia considered abnormal in all cultures • Norms situationally defined • Assault is situationally defined by age (ex. Of how a fight between adults is criminal but between children is play) Developmental Norms • Certain ages expected to develop certain behaviours • Greater deviation from norm = higher level of concern • Developmental milestones considered normal o Fast development is positive and slow is negative Frequency, intensity, duration •
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