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Hywel Morgan

Lec 10  Mental Health in the Community Community Psychology • Prevalence of disorder outstrips availability of help o 1/5 suffering from psychopathology based on statistics. May be much higher o Community Psychology  Intervention with specific groups of people who are at risk. Prevention of psychopathology o Who is at risk of developing psychopathology?  Previously had a psychopathology, low socio-economic status, related to someone with pathology. • Prevention and Mental health promotion Prevention • Primary o Reduces the incidence  Reduce stress, eliminate stress. Come up with categories to combat stress. • Secondary o Treatment  Intervention to reduce the expression of the symptoms • Tertiary o Rehabilitation  Intervention Community Psychologist • Promote mental health and wellbeing • Functions as an enabler, consultant, planner rather than an expert in diagnosis and treatment. • Emphasizes collaboration and participation of diverse groups when planning, developing methods of intervention. UniversalApproach • Designed to include all individuals when • Number 1 reason people use and abuse substances is Availability • Community psychologists suggested and implemented “just so no” Selective prevention • Preventing risky behaviours and thoughts in high risks groups. • Prevention has most effectiveness when it targets specific groups.  Indicated Groups o Most stressful psychological condition a child can be in is no caregiver. o Example of indicated groups can
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