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Michael Inzlicht

LECTURE 11: Frontal Lobe, Hippo, Neglect (Parietal Lobe Damage) (Pre)frontal Lobe Damage • Jacobson = scientist who tested idea of if intelligence really in prefrontal like Gall said o Removes prefrontal of some monkeys o Tested them with the WGTA = Wisconson General Testing Apparatus  Sort of the equivalent of a Skinner box for monkeys  did they have a delay between seeing the solution to a problem and being able to act on it (get the food from hiding spot)  so is there a problem in delayed-response capacities  banana beyond reach, but stick within reach • prefrontal damage means they won’t use the stick because they wouldn’t be able to hold both pieces of info at once  thought originally it was a short term mem capacity problem • but realized it wasn’t that but rather, distractibility (more of an emotional phenomenon than short term memory)  also problems in alternation = first one set of responses is correct and then another. Are they good at switching strategies? NO. o There was one monkey that got more and more upset about being tested and became more calm, tranquil, tame AFTER the prefrontal lobotomy o Moniz was in Jacobson’s audience and this led to performing lobotomies on humans  Jacobson was horrified at idea  But Moniz wanted to and ended up trying it  Reported that all survived and most had “recovered”, some had “improved  6/20 had not recovered though.....  Best results with depressed patients  Stopped performing lobotomies in 1944 o Freeman and Watts brought the technique to North America  Themselves operated on 3500 patients o 40,000 total lobotomies in US o 18% developed epilepsy o When antipsych drugs found, less lobotomies until it was virtually gone in 60s, 70s o Frontal lobe damage very common in our age group bc happens sometimes with automobile incidents Effects of Frontal Lobe Damage o IQ scores DO NOT CHANGE o Problems in changing inappropriate behv  Tested with Wisconsin Card Sort Test  Terrible at switching strategies  But they can solve the problem intellectually (Ex. They can tell you all the diff
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