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Michael Inzlicht

PSYB64 Lecture 01 September 11, 2012 Intro Course Stuff • Quiz at 9 o clock on week 3! So I’ll be able to make it  (20MC q’s only on Chapter 2 textbook) • NO MAKEUPS FOR QUIZ!! • Quiz/written assign (best mark = 10%) • Written assign = rewrite a section of the textbook with new scientific information that is not included in the relatively old edition of our textbook o Rationale = why is your new info important o Write actual section using same prose and format  You need to actually cite sci sources though! o 3 pages-ish total o Talk a bit about where you would place this info in the textbook o And which part would you eliminate, if you would, to compensate that your part actually is a newer version of o This occurs after the term test • Term test = week 7 or 8 = 40% • Exam = 50% *Not cumulative!* o Mainly m/c but some short written and some matching • Textbook = Freberg’s Intro to Physio Psych blue and infrared person o Everything covered unless prof says otherwise o Free companion site with tutorial quizzes! Link will be posted on blackboard o = for study tips/other resources o Textbook tax credit on income taxes! You qualify for $65 each month that you took full-time courses • You won’t be asked for dates! • * we don’t spend much time on addiction/drugs and the brain Chapter 1: Historical Perspectives • Trepanation • Descartes reflex theory • Phrenology sham Fact and Fiction Slides • Some human nerve cells ARE 3 meters long (Ex. Feet to spinal cord) • Nerve impulses travel at LESS than the speed of light • More people die each year from the use of LEGAL drugs vs illegal drugs • NOT only humans ingest mind-altering substances (Ex. Elephants have fermented fruit) • Our bodies DO make chemicals that are similar in structure to heroin and marijuana and act on the same sites in the brain • BOTH women and men produce testosterone and estrogen, just in different proportions. • BOTH humans and other species have cultures. • we DO keep growing new nerve cells, called neurogenesis (ex. Neuroplasticity, hippocampus, olfactory bulb, older parts of limbic system) • Dogs are NOT color-blind just not to the same degree we can. • Each side of the brain DOES control muscles on the opposite side of the body. • There ARE anatomical differences between men’s and women’s brains. (Ex. Spatial navigation) • It is TRUE that some animal species have ALL females. And some animal species CHANGE SEX. • Some people MIGHT be born gay but we don’t know for sure. • Most of our energy IS expended just maintaining our body temp. • We CANNOT lose weight through liposuction. (it returns to original levels after time). • Sleepwalkers ARE NOT acting out dreams. • Prolonged sleep deprivation WILL make you temporarily crazy and can even KILL you. • Some animals CAN have half their brain asleep and other half awake. (Ex. Dolphins) • Left side of face IS more emotionally expressive than right side. • Prolonged stress CAN cause heart disease. • We are NOT CERTAIN if all cultural groups recognize same facial expressions. o A smiling monkey can actually mean aggression. • Scientists are NOT SURE why antidepressant drugs work. • We are NOT SURE if we never really forget anything we have experienced. • Each memory
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