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Lecture 7

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Michael Inzlicht

B45 Lecture 7: Reducing Behaviours *You have to know all the slides on blackboard for the exam!!!!! Even if not covered *You need to know everything from Feb 15 and on Three Methods for Reducing Behaviours Without Punishment • Extinction o Remove the reinforce of something that was previously consistently reinforce o Or, allowing something aversive to remain o First, you need to do a functional assessment (watch what happens and identify the reinforcers, etc. through direct or indirect assessment methods)  But, rmr that reinforcers can vary person to person, and can also vary by context  Also, be aware of multiple reinforcers. When you do extinction, you’ll need to remove ALL the reinforcers. o If it’s an automatic reinforcer, extinction won’t really be the best method o Also, withholding reinforcers and then occasionally giving in is actually worse, because you’ve just made it an intermittent reinforcement schedule o It’s better to tell other people that you’re going to do extinction to avoid the extinction burst and confusion and frustration • Differential Reinforcement o Withholding reinforcement from the target behv AND reinforcing a different behv o 1) Can reinforce an INCOMPATIBLE behv  i.e. you can’t do the target behv while you’re doing the incompatible behv o 2) Reinforce an alternate behv  Not physically incompatible, but an alternative way to cope o 3) Other behv  Not an alternative way to cope or incompatible  But, if you can do ANYTHING else, for, say an hour, then you’ll be reinforced o 4) Low rates  Being reinforced for doing the thing, but doing it LESS  i.e. answer the email but only if they email once a week • Habit Reversal o Generally only used for self-management, not other people o 1) Become aware of triggers o 2) Become aware of target behv occurrence o 3) Decide on competing response o 4) Enlist social support  i.e. call a friend whenever you have the urge to do target behv Punishment • Negativ
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