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Michael Inzlicht

Thursday, February 7 , 2013 PSYC12 Lecture #4: Modern Prejudice • Midterm: Friday, March 1 @ 7-9pm. 70 MC q’s. o Ch. 1-5 o Lectures 1-5 o And two additional Readings: Bodenhausen et al, Greenwald et al Stereotype Suppresion • Society tells us not to stereotype; not to think those kinds of thoughts • And of course, if you try to suppress, it really doesn’t work • Mental Control, or control in general even, requires: o OP = Operating Process = takes action to meet the desired state (in this case: to prevent stereotypes). Resource-rich, controlled. o MP = Monitoring Process = compares current state with desired state (scans mind for stereotypes). Resource-free, automatic. o Under load, OP fails, MP continues and results in opposite of intended thought o The feedback loop is: Goal  Operate Monitor  Goal... • Suppressing may work in the short term, but not in long term (“rebound effect” and the stereotype actually becomes hyper-accessible) • Lexical decision task = word or nonword? Idea is you’ll be faster if you’re primed and if we want to implicitly measure stereotypes, whether a construct (e.g. stereotypes) are activated (doesn’t have to be just for stereotypes Modern Prejudice • Affirmative action = effort by govn’t and organizations to equalize the playing field to accept same numbers of people from all races for various things. Jobs, etc • Modern racism is often disguised as opposition to affirmative action or to the loss of traditional (i.e. white, protestant) values • Aversive racism = ambivalence develops from 2 conflicting beliefs: Thursday, February 7 , 2013 o 1. Negative stereotypes from culture + cog o 2. Egalitarian values, belief in meritocracy, justice o So, you really want to be fair, good, and nonracist and believe in all that and yet, you feel some discomfort in inter-racial interaction bc these thoughts pop up o Most people fall in this category. May not be consciously aware of these feelings. o Comes out of a strong motivation to control prejudice o If normative pressure is absent, prejudice is expressed (i.e. if y
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