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Michael Inzlicht

Feb 14, 2013: Lec #5 for C12 (Prejudice) Shooter Bias • Research shows pattern of mistakes in toy gun studies are not random. i.e. we tend to see guns in the hands of a black person and we’ll miss a gun in the hand of a white person. = shooter bias Authoritarianism • Adorno said that people who are submissive to authority will adhere to social norms and be rigid thinkers. Perhaps, if we consider Freud, they had strict disciplinarian parents who projected deviant impulses to the out-group. • Altemeyer said that those who are submissive to authority will be more aggressive towards outgroups in favor of conventional thinking. Dislike everyone not in their ingroup SDO = Social Dominance Orientation • Philosophical ideology and not personality • Preference for inequality among social groups, i.e. those who work harder should reap the benefits and those who are lazy should be punished • They believe that inequality and hierarchy is the natural order of the world • Opposite of egalitarianism • Higher status groups have higher SDO typically, and thus they don`t have to feel guilty about being better off than other groups • High SDO typically means one will show more explicit bias • It`s more of ingroup favouritism, not outgroup degredation •
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