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Lecture #7: Stereotype Threat I Intelligence • Genetics o 0.47 = correlation between parent and child’s intelligence o Thus, intelligence is highly heritable o IQ of identical twins, even when raised apart, are highly related. As compared to fraternal twins. o IQ of adopted child is much more related to the bio mother. • Environmental o IQ of identical twins reared apart are less relate in IQ than those raised together o IQ of fraternal twins are more related than regular siblings. Both share 50% of their DNA but, fraternal twins share more environment with each other than reg siblings! o IQ of adopted children with diff mothers living in same enviro is more similar than unrelated individuals reared apart o Impoverished enviro relates to lower IQ • Nature vs Nurture o Both clearly play a role o Heribality is roughly half (i.e. roughly half of the variance can be attributed to genes, may even be closer to be 0.65) o But, if within-group has a gene component, between should have that too????  The answer is no  Between group diffs may be caused by completely different factors than within group factors! • Biased Tests o Internal bias: the content of the test itself, will some groups do better than others just by the items themselves?  i.e. language differences/cultural exposure to certain words/etc. o External bias: is it generalizable? Does it predict anything for people? AND does it predict the same thing for diff groups? o BUT, when we make tests as fair as possible, cultural differences mostly diminish, but still somewh
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