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Lecture 1

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University of Toronto St. George
Michael Inzlicht

Psychology Students Association Office: Sidney Smith Room 509 Volunteer Orientation: Sydney Smith Psych Lounge (4 Floor) Monday September 22 3pm -4pm Side notes: These are the lessons that a century of psychology has taught us, and they can deeply change the way you understand yourself, others and the world around you. These are also useful heuristics to keeps in mind as you go through the course, and psych more generally. By understanding these insights, you can in fact infer for yourself quite a bit of what you are going to learn in this and other psych courses. Perception: We take in only a limited amount of what is going on around us and through this we make our perception with that limited amount of information. Reality doesnt change, a persons perception does. The brain cannot remember something it will just fill it in with something that fits, maybe something from the past The brain has different neural patterns for different people and things. People who are similar will have similar neural patterns. If a brain doesnt recognize a neural pattern it could default to something you like thinking about Story #1: A guy archeology, to study pigmys, making observation, experience has one, says lets go end of the jungle to check out plans, people said no, its a bad place, superstitions that it was a bad place, somehow he convinced one person to take him, they go, see little black dots, both like hmm, whats that, anthropologist, brains says its water buffalo on the horizon, perception, other
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