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Michael Inzlicht

PSY lecture Jan 11 Research methods How to critically evaluate credibility. How to do simple designs, etc. Some examples of good psychological research: A theoretical framework: general hypothesis from the theory. Explains things simply. Simplest theory is always the best theory. A theory is good if it generates a lot of hypotheses. By generating hypotheses from a theory, we can prove theories and test them. Hypotheses need to be tested. Theory isnt falsifiable. This means it cant be tested. You have to have evidence. If theres no evidence, its not science. A standardized procedure: every subject has to be treated the same. it shouldnt be based on anything else but the. It should not be varied from subject to subject. no matter how well the study is done, there is always a chance that there is a statistic probability. Have to get the same results from the experiments that have been done by other researchers. Dont accept other studies. Replication of studies. If the replication of a study didnt give the same results, then we need to find what caused to have different results. Everyone has to be treated the same. the only differences should be different is the manipulation. Generalizability: Samples are not representative of the population. How do we generalize the findings? Use a less biased sample. Biased sample can be saved when we use random samples. External validity: is it real? Ex. When drinks and pop corns were flashed in a movie theater, the desire for drinks and popcorns of people went up significantly. We have to do the studies over and over again. Objective measurement: Try to cross reference. Make sure it correlates well with other information. You cant fake physiological measures. Make sure theyre valid. Ex. IQ test is a valid measure
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