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University of Toronto St. George
Steve Jordens

Cumulative Final Exam and its relation to mTunersThe mTuner activities both assess your learning and prepare you for the finalWhen I student does them right they assist learning in very powerful ways by simultaneously reinforcing accurate knowledge while correcting misconceptionsBecause they are available online and remain available for 24 hours some students find ways to cheat on them which really is not smart because they are actually cheating themselves of a learning experienceTo reward those who do the mTuners properly and to punish those who choose to cheat their way through we have come up with the following policy In this course passing the final exam is compulsory for passing the courseAny student who scores less than a 45 on the final exam with receive a mark of 45 for the course irrespective of what their mark would have been had the weighting scheme in the syllabus been appliedThus it is well worth doing the mTuners properly and perhaps scoring a little less than you might on them but then being prepared for the test that really matters the cumulative final examDue DatesThis class can become very large and yes there are a lot of due dates related to the various activities especially if you are simultaneously taking this course and PsyA01We simply cannot and do not make special arrangements for students who find any of these dates inconvenient or who miss some due date because of some problem that is not our faultThere are three reasons the university accepts for missing a due date 1 death of an immediate family member 2 verified il
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