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thLecture 1 May 9 2013Introduction Emotions in life is a bit of patchwork quilt We experience it at different time for different reasons we may feel loss and passive or later regret for our actions Sometimes we feel positive and able to harness the emotion from emotion Examples of emotions and its connections1Fear Fear of the unknown historical changes something that scares us now compared to the past Ex JawA difference between terror and horror in film TerrorHorrorEx Blare Witch project Ex SawCognitive thriller hinting and not graphic Very graphic not allowing much Induce fear and sense of uncertainty interpretation for audiences imagination Anxiety provoking Audience fills in the in fact it may show things you probably gaps with imagination Youre the author of cannot imagine your own fear2Happy Simple portrayal of the myth living happily ever after Ex DisneyOr a complex way of showing beauty by developing contrast between ugly and beauty in life Ex Life is beautiful3Comedy comedians come up with ways to make audience laugh and we can also observe how we go around the world searching for things to laugh at We are actively searching in our social surroundings for things that will further perpetuate and sustain our happy mood4Emotions is used frequently in our culture Ex Macdonald and happy face 5Emotions in arts different style can communicate emotions by using different brushstroke color tone Ex a painting of solitude By changing the color to gray tone will induce a sensation of loneliness 6Emotion and logical decision Contrary to the common saying emotions can sometimes facilitate logical decisions
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