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Michelle Hilscher

Emotion as an ancient phenomenon21 Plato and AristotlePlatoAristotleTheoryThree parts of a soulThree psyches1Reasonideal immortal and 1Nutritive found in plants Most basic divine Home of cognition and fundamental functionsreproduction growth self rational mind First proposed by maintenance through nutrition naturalistformalist whom 2Sensitive found in animals more complex separated the intellectual and Added sensation and pain emotion imagination sensual world It is not Perform automatic form of memory recognition organicbodilyof familiarity 2PassionMotivation courage 3Rational in human Can accomplish specific place for complex emotion complex abstract thinking think weighs decision Happen when we engage in and act upon logic recollection effortful specific interaction search of memory 3AppetiteSensual desire sex The three psyches are listed in increasing complexity by more basic emotion that prompt nature us to look after our body and fulfill our needs It is the MOSTAnimal vs human distinction corrupt part Emotion in sensitive both human and animal has Passion and appetite are the source itof emotion and are given moral Reason and emotion in rational only in humantreatment Sensible vs intelligible distinction Emotion is unchecked in animal is maintained formalistnaturalist Reasoning is valued by Aristotle OVER emotion Plato only believes in reasonBy ways of nature emotion is organic reason is in human only and it is naturally and structurally superior ImplicaTheory of forms we are born with Knowledge can be attained through sensory and tion for innate knowledge called emotional experienceeducatiformsepisteme They are fixed and No innate universal ondoes not change The goal of education Suggestshould be to help us reawaken it The
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