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Lecture 4

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University of Toronto St. George
Michelle Hilscher

Lecture 4 RecallCompare contrast evolutionary vs culture aspect of emotion 1NS can change anatomical and psychological aspect over time NS happens when a withinspecies competition food territory mateb Withinspecies differences individual difference in terms of physical anatomical behavioral emotion Phenotypically difference that are genotype basedEx moth c Phenotype tied to genotype Environment favors some heritable variations over others 2Emotional expressions are adaptations they are actions that helped our ancestors survive they coincided with emotions our ancestors feltFunctional by reducing the risk of actually doing the actionCommunicate intention and internal state Ex crying bio function of protecting the eyes from dust smoke Disgust the facial actions that go with the feeling of disgust are socially useful of communicating the message that something is dangerunpleasant In the past action that went with disgust were vomiting Lip bitingemotion of regret appeal In the chimps it was grooming about social bonding Now its evolved to contain more socially complex message 3 Evolution and culture Primitive urges shape culture eg language emotional goal assist cultural changes Culture controls primitive urges certain institutions encourage impulses such as kindness Culture changes but sometimes our bodies and minds cant keep up there are limits to evolutionary adaptation hardwired to love sugar not evolved to consider it as a threat products of the modern world cause new problems at the emotional level New challenges virtual meeting rooms how to be dominant Undeniably emotions are evolutionarily significant Supports evolutionary perspectiveFear avoid direct threatDisgust avoid disease and contamination Sadness motivate us to replace a partner who has passed awayAnger to engage in response in our interestHappiness tell us things are going according to plan social bondingSurprise serves our attention brings novel unexpected things to our attention conscious decisions Complex emotions relying on interactions with another person that promote social bonding jealousy guilt love goal to reproduce and propagate our genes An evolutionary perspective implies Emotions are the same across generation and across cultureYet a wealth of evidence shows emotion emotional expressions emotional disorders differ by generation and by culture Evolutionary perspective is limitingemphasize on valence is itgoodbad to me Ex sadness negative opp to happiness Lacks diversity and variability Sadness in breakup is different from losing a jobPassive suggest that emotions are triggered by environment yet we are often the author of our emotions Need a broader definition
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