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Lecture 10

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Michelle Hilscher

Lecture 101Emotions in Intimate and Social RelationshipsoWhat is intimacyoEmotions that promote intimacyoNegative emotions in social relationships2Emotions and moral behaviouroAre emotions good or bad for moral behavioroPredicting our behaviour in moral dilemmasIntimate RelationshipsDifferences between intimatenonintimate relationship6 domains to consider1Knowledge Secretsharing confidential information2Caring Affection motivated by affiliation3Interdependence Strong enduring impact on each other 4Mutuality We not you and I5Trust Etiquette no longer applies6Commitment presumed partnership emotionalmonetary investment follows that expectationStudent Definitions of IntimacyBeing understood while understanding the others emotions thoughts or circumstances while passing no judgment A feeling of unconditional acceptanceKnowledgeTrustCommitmentUnconditional acceptance and forgiveness Knowing that your other will always listen understand and support youFeeling safe to talk about life problems that I would not be able to talk to anyone else aboutEmotions that Foster IntrimacyPlayfulnesscouples who are playful with each other during arguments often have more peaceful exchanges and those who are more happy in their marriage often will tease each other during conflictCompassionate love compassion is not only important for couples but for all types of social exchangeoPpl who report feeling higher degrees of compassion see more humanity with others are more generous and cooperative and they punish others lessoHow do these findings relate to how compassion might be important in romantic relationshipsForgivenessimportant for relieving stress in relationshipslowers blood pressureoNot only about simply forgetting what your partner has done but actually realizing that making mistakes is part of being human and accepting thisTsang McCulloughFinchman 2006Study on ForgivenessQuestion How do different facets of forgiveness predict relationship wellbeing201 participants who had incurred interpersonal hurt at least 18 days prior to study
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