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Psych100 Fundamental Insights

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Dan Dolderman

thSeptember112014Psychologylecture2The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances if there is any reaction both are transformedCarl Jung Swiss PsychologistPerception is a process of creative storytelling and inference making We have to fill in a lot of gaps This is highly functionalmost of the time allowing our brains to function super efficiently with small cost of accuracyoThe brain has to figure out what is going into worldoOne millisecond could mean the difference between life and deathoThe brain has to make sense of the world accurately enough for you to get by in the worldoAnd be able to react fast enough in emergency situations in an incredibly short amount of timeMuch more profoundly though this means that we are not directly interacting with reality but rather we are creating a fiction about reality and interacting with this fiction And we hope its a pretty close matchBut how does the mind perceive realityPerception is a process of PATTERN MATCHINGOur brains look for a correspondence between patterns that have been stored in through past experience and pattern of sensory stimuli that is being experiencedThe brain uses preexisting patterns ie knowledge to DECODE incoming sensory signalsoYou experience things and it gets decoded in your biological memory oThe world speaks to your brainoTalk down process your brain is decoding your understanding of the worldoOver 18 years of your life you carry preexisting experiences that you have experiences TALK DOWN pattern oBOTTOM UP process is coming from the worldYour brain is using knowledge AKA stuff experienced to decode incoming info Thus what the brain has learned to see in the past is largely what it sees in the presentWhat it cannot decode it either guesses about if it has some reasonable info or ignores entirely or just sees what it wants likes to see oExample People who grow up in abusive situations will get into abusive relationships oThe brain could make stuff up it often does this when we dont even know that we are deluding ourselves oWhen we dont know how to think of a situation the brain sees thingsmakes up stories based on motivations
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