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Dan Dolderman

MAY 13 PSY100 LEC 2PSYNUP poolDeadline Sundayone hour of experimental partic1 PSYNUP credit1 of your gradeExperiments run until June 25th FUNDAMENTAL INSIGHT 3Everything is the sameDynamic processes Emotions perceptions beliefs behaviours etcInterconnected network of biologicalneurological processes vs reactions changes our relationship of the nature to them WHAT IS KNOWLEDGE REALLYdifference in relationship amongst biological matrix differences in arranging your biology rearrangements of biology trauma positive visions regardless of what kind of narrative it isNEURONSculture and consciousness share the similarity of forming patterns of communication and association amongst people amongst neurons chemical exchange respectivelyfamiliarity facilitates a particular transmission of information analogy group of friends with shared memories and outsider easier to exchange information amongst the more intimateorganization of neural ring of brain depends on experiences that lay down specic patternsthese conversationsorganizations become meaningful adaptive to organization of environment eg climbing up stairs brain knows the patterns of climbing up stairs patterns of external env become patterns of brain you form association with properties of that environment you develop certain emotions to associate with those propertiesenvironment eg salesperson wants client to agree with himcontingent upon the way in which salesperson delivers the speech
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