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Dax Urbszat

CognitionNovember 12 2007We make an educated guess when we think were remembering information from memoryApplication erroroMix up information from different times Different aspects of what memory isoMemory is like a video tape recorderPicks up all that we see and hearStores them Difficulty is retrieving informationIgnore 90 of things around environmentoSmall bit of information is available at all timesoSome things sneak in Sublimal learningoWe remember things we pay attention to Encoding oAttentionLike a dual lighting systemIn beginning its very dimoSorting out information that it takes in oInformation stored is based on personality and experience SpotlightoShines very bright on certain areasoAttention moves around as we focus on itoDoesnt guarantee you remember everything osensory detectionthere is a filter always onhow we decide what were going to pay attention to and what notorecognition of meaningwhatever we deem as important from past experiences oresponse selection EncodingoHow we take information inStorageoWhere do we keep informationRetrievaloHow do we get back informationoIs it hard to retrieve or is it not stored properlyEvery time we remember somethingoWe make something upSome things are made up because of experience Some are made up of expectations Memory processesoMay involve multiple systems Conscious Automatic
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