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oct 28 inclass notes

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Michael Inzlicht

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Psych. October 28 , 2010 nave realism. We see us as being normal. Anyone above or below is seen through us as being abnormal. For instance being who are smarter than us are nerds, and those less are dumbasses. Our self is whatever we conceptulize it to be. Endowment effect- once something is associated ith you, is worth more. Me=good, you=bad (not good!) Our tendencies o default to dispositional explanations for to others behaviour, but situational for our own. Example: Sally- you were rude to her why? --. You were angry, or sad or depressed .But if sally is rude to you automatically think shes a bitch. We extend our self-serving biases to whatever we identify with, such as our in-groups, like gender, or ethnicity. Example: minimal group paradigm ( Tajel and Turner) Organized people into different groups, had different colour of dots. Then flipped coins (ra
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